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Hands Down The Best Young Living Diffuser

Hands Down The Best Young Living Diffuser

Young Living has a reputation for making the best essential oils to deliver the most benefit from use.

Even if you’re not an expert or necessarily an essential oil enthusiast, you probably know a thing or two about the unquestionable quality of the company’s oils. But did you know that besides the essential oils, Young Living also manufactures other health and wellness products; including diffusers and their accessories. Just like the oils, the diffusers are made with utmost quality to deliver you top notch aromatherapy.

If you happen to be in a market for a diffuser, we suggest you don’t look any further than the Young Living brand. The only problem is that there are so many models to choose from. That makes it a bit tricky to settle on just one.

To help out, we have summarized the top features and benefits of each right here to make your decision easier.

1. Home Diffuser
This ultrasonic diffuser takes the shape of a rose, which is a big plus because it adds some aesthetic appeal to pretty much any room you put it in. This Young Living diffuser acts as a 4-in-1.

When you buy it you get an aromatherapy diffuser, air humidifier, purifier and atomizer in one package. Young Living throws in two free essential oils (peppermint and citrus fresh) for every Home Diffuser purchase.

2. Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser
Aria Ultrasonic Young Living DiffuserThe Aria can be controlled using a remote, and that makes it a perfect pick for you if you want the most convenient diffuser. Other than dispersing essential oil molecules, this diffuser can also sooth and relax you with ease thanks to the smooth built-in sounds and LED lights.

There’s the option to plug in your own music player and make your preferred playlist.

3. Bamboo diffuser
This diffuser gets its name from its bamboo-inspired design. While the elegant body and shape will definitely attract you, you will be even more amazed by its features.

It can diffuse essential oils for 4 hours straight, but there’s also a 1-hour setting just in case you need to limit the run time. The mist produced can cover up to 30 meters sq. That makes it great for home as well as office use.

4. Rainstone Diffuser
Young Living’s Rainstone diffuser is the ultimate exhibit of the company’s dedication to quality. Each unit is hand-made using a rare and exquisite type of clay that is only found in China. It has 5 time settings (1, 2, 3, 6 and 8 hours of diffusion) and an automatic off function.

It also features 5 soothing LED lights, a remote control and a negative ionizer for easy absorption of the oils. With its robust features and classy construction, the Rainstone is undoubtedly the perfect diffuser for anybody who treasures elegance and unmatched craftsmanship.

5. Dewdrop Diffuser
With its dew-shaped design, the Dewdrop is another beautifully constructed diffuser that is also an atomizer and humidifier. For simplicity purposes, it only has one setting – an ON/OFF function for switching mist on or off. But you also have the option to either turn the LED light on or off.

The diffuser can run for 4 hours straight and can disperse mist in a mid-sized room. It’s an awesome pick if you want an elegant yet simple gadget with few controls.

6. USB Orb Diffuser
The one thing that sets this diffuser apart from the rest is the fact that it is spill-proof, which makes it ideal for use in the car or office. You can even pack it in your bags when travelling and it won’t leak.

But this clear design doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be for home use as well because it actually has everything you need in a diffuser, ranging from a LED light (green) to a 4.5-hour run time.

7. Aroma Lux Diffuser
This is one of the newest offerings from Young Living and it does pack the latest technologies in essential oil diffusion. For starters, it is also an air purifier and atomizer. It has several settings, including a 1 to 10-hour timer and 5 different LED lights.

Additionally, you can pause it from releasing mist for up to 20 minutes and also control its vapor volume for up to 20 minutes. Despite its small size, it is in fact more suitable for a large room.

How Can I Pick the Best Neck Firming Cream?

Yeouth Neck Forming Cream


More and more people are realizing the importance of skin in how we look. Our skin quality can affect how we look and feel, it’s especially important if you want to keep looking youthful.

Despite the neck being as exposed as your face people often neglect to take care of it as much as they should. In fact, the neck skin and muscle is not supported by bones in the same way your face is, making it more prone to sagging.

There are a number of factors that affect your neck skin. UV rays from the sun can have a big impact, as your skin is exposed constantly to the elements. There are also a number of hormones produced in the body which if unregulated can cause sagging. There have also been studies into younger women and men (18-39) that found increased in sagging skin caused by constantly looking down at smartphones and other devices.

Solution to Sagging Skin

neck firming cream -- by yeouthThankfully there are solutions being developed to deal with skin problems in individuals as they arise and your neck skin is no different. Just like your skin or other areas of your body there are a number of drastic procedures available and reports have indicated a sharp rise in the numbers of people getting their neck skin lifted.

If you don’t want the heavy cost and sometimes damaging surgery there are a number of other solutions available on the market. Creams have been developed to help stop the sagging of your neck skin and if used correctly you can see impressive results.

How can I pick the best neck firming cream?

To pick the best neck cream you first have to identify your specific problem. Your skin is unique and you’ll find that you want to tackle the actual problem. There are three main types of cream to help improve the look of your neck skin:

  • Tightening Neck Cream

If you have loose skin it can really affect your look and it’s one of the most common problems when it comes to skincare. To deal with loose skin you’ll need to find a product that has anti aging properties, fillers or tightening agents to help fight the problem. A combination of oils and hydrating agents soothe the skin while more exotic ingredients like algae can nourish the skin.

  • Creams for Lines and Dryness

Lines and wrinkles can be some of the most noticeable flaws in our neck skin and we want to tackle that fast. The best way to do that is to find a cream which can help plump up the skin. A combination of hydration and soothing properties can make those lines a lot less visible.

  • Creams for brightening neck skin


To help with the general quality of your skin, and encourage new brighter skin growth, is a great way to improve the look of your neck. By using exfoliants you can clean away old skin and help repair any damage that’s occurred. A combination of specific enzymes, Vitamin E and Vitamin C will have a dramatic impact on the skin.

All of these creams could give you drastically improved neck skin and help undo any harm or sagging in the area. It’s always best to use these as early as possible, to help keep the skin healthy and stop any problems before they start.

Why Your Site Needs Responsive Design

Why Your Site Needs Responsive Design

At the end of 2014 mobile internet usage finally surpassed desktop usage, as was predicted a decade ago. Unfortunately, many sites are still focused on only desktop experience, so soon after Google decided to introduce a new algorithm that would penalize websites if they are not mobile-friendly by lowering their search results ranking, which is just one of their 200 ranking factors.

The reason Google was forced to implement this new parameter is due to the predictably dissatisfied mobile users. In fact, metrics showed that over 60% of mobile users who landed on a non-mobile friendly website are significantly less likely to ever return to it.

Initially, this change resulted in some confusion and growing pains as companies and private entities started creating two kinds of websites for the same content, one for desktop and one for mobile.

Of course, this proved to be extremely ineffective as you would then need to create a different version of the same website for a wide range of devices, screen sizes and resolutions. In addition, Google would have to index multiple versions of the same site, which would interfere with search engine optimization, which is why Google not only prefers a mobile-friendly website but also a responsive website design. Do you need web design Greenville SC? Read further to know better before hiring one.

Furthermore, note that even the upcoming Windows 10 will be tailored to offer the same experience across all devices, no matter their size. If an entire operating system is geared towards 100% flexibility you know that a new standard is being established, and you should jump on it sooner rather than later.

And this is where the responsive web design comes in.

Responsive sites automatically adjust their viewing area to the screen size of the device currently being used to view it, be it a tablet, smartphone or a desktop.

Although it takes a little longer to set up, a responsive web design more than compensates for it by solidifying all content at one place, one version, and future-proofing it for upcoming new devices like smartwatches, TVs and AR glasses.

Another important metric one has to take into account is that responsive web design lowers the page content load times, which is critical if you do not want to lose potential viewers. Google figured out that the optimal load time for the top portion of the page should be under 1 second, and for the entire page under 2 seconds. Such short times are not possible for desktop designed websites loaded onto a mobile device.